Sports Drinks: Pros and Cons

Annie over at wrote a great post about the pros and cons of sports drinks from the likes of Gatorade, Vitamin Water, and Powerade to pHenOH 7.4! “What I really like about pHenOH is how it stacks up against other sports drink competitors. I looked into how pHenOH compared to comparable “reduced calorie” beverages, […]

Natural Wayz Beverages to Distribute Phenoh 7.4

Phenoh, Incorporated is pleased to announce its new partnership with Natural Wayz Beverages to distribute Phenoh’s flagship performance hydration product, Phenoh 7.4. This exciting new partnership will be Phenoh’s first expansion into the East Coast market. New Jersey-based Natural Wayz Beverages distribution will allow Phenoh 7.4 to be sold at a variety of retailers across […]